Welcome to American Beef & Shellfish

American Beef & Shellfish company is a global exporter of American Full Blood WAGYU Beef, American Lobsters and wild-caught seafood from the North America Eastern seaboard waters from the Gulf of Maine to Florida. Our Lobsters from the Gulf of Maine are the sweetest tasting lobsters in the world! We offer more than 300 varieties of American wild caught fresh fish.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high quality gourmet products and service in order to become the best supplier for superior American WAGYU beef and fresh and frozen seafood from American Atlantic coast waters.Our desire for perfection drives consistent customer satisfaction. Our mission is to go above and beyond our commitments to supply our gourmet dining customers with the finest, juiciest, and tender WAGYU beef with exceptional flavor along with the finest quality seafood products where and when they want them and always at a competitive price.